Sunshine days with the Radio 1 roadshow at Seaton

Roadshow memories were music to thousands of ears.

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:02 pm
The Radio 1 Roadshow attracted a huge crowd on Seaton Green.

We asked Hartlepool Mail readers: “Who remembers the popular Radio 1 Roadshows coming to Seaton Carew in the 1990s?”

Thousands of you, it seemed, as our social media posting reached more than 26,000 people.

A close-up on the crowds.

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Lots of you took time to share your memories of the days when DJs such as Mike Read and Simon Mayo used to visit the town and take part in competitions such as Smiley Miley’s Mileage Game, and bits and pieces.

The photograph attracted more than 600 likes and 300 shares as well as comments such as the one from Paul Flounders who said: “I was there, Peter Powell was the D.J.”

Jayne Gray told us “I went,” and added: “I was impressed by a group of friends who sat out on the top of the bay window of the cottage over on the left.”

Andy Fear is not likely to forget the occasion in a hurry. He recalled: “I went up on stage in the warm up and got custard pie in my face, and also a Me Mark Page Tshirt.”

A close-up on the crowds.

And Mark Page himself joined in by posting: “R1 bosses immediately impressed by how the area grasped it as an event coupled with the big turn out each time.”

Nicky McDermott, Lynne Richardson, and Wayne Beadle all went while Kim Crow said: “I can remember going to one seeing PJ&Duncan & CJ Lewis great times.”

Stephen Bailey was there. So was Mo Bunter, Daren Mulvihill and Kathryn Oram Robinson.

Keeley Burton and Deborah Burton were there every year that the roadshow came to town and Deborah posted: “Omg them were the days we loved it.”

Peter Bowes commented: “I was there. I am on the BBC side of the barrier. I remember helping a young lady over the barrier who couldn’t breathe. Acting as one of the ground crew.”

Katie Joyce said: “I went early 1990’s - totally forgot about that. What a blast from the past!”

Gary Pearson described them as the “Good old days” while Angela Dugan said: “Me I was there xx”

Liz Iles told us: “I was there in my lunch hour” and Mark Andrew Jones said: “I was there…lol.”

Morag Maclellan admitted: “I was there” while Janet Alderton commented: “In there somewhere is me!”

Brian Fletcher said; “Yes we were there janice long was the dj” while Craig Cannell posted: “All the town bye the looks off it.”

Ashley Foster suggested: “Be nice to bring this back” while Anne Watson remembered: “I went in my lunch break and ended up serving at Asters cos it was so busy. (I worked there on a Saturday and volunteered that day to help out). .”

Andrew Phelan and Tracey Henderson were two more of the faces in the crowd while Ian Anderson said: “Think I won Bits n Pieces that year.”

Stuey Rowbotham said: “I remember one with Phillip schofield presenting.”

Thanks to everyone who commented and for sharing some wonderful memories.