The 10 weirdest excuses people have used to dodge a night out

My hamster is ill. is an odd excuse to escape a night outMy hamster is ill. is an odd excuse to escape a night out
My hamster is ill. is an odd excuse to escape a night out
It's my goldfish's birthday, I've broken my leg and we're trying for a baby are some of the oddest excuses used by Brits to get out of a night out, according to a new survey.

Here is a list of top 10 most extreme excuses to get out of a night out, used by a third of Brits at least once a month:

1. My hamster is ill

2. It’s my goldfish’s birthday

3. I’m stuck on the roof of my house

4. We’re trying for a baby

5. Falls and injuries/broken arm or leg

6. I’ve been arrested

7. Couldn’t find my hairspray

8. Abducted by aliens

9. Said I had found out I was pregnant... when I wasn’t

10. Was part of a hostage situation

Spending money, bumping into people we don’t want to see and travelling to and from the venue are cited as the worst things about going out.

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And the main reason that we accept invitations to events we have no intention of attending… not hurting people’s feelings, according to nearly half (43%) of those questioned.

But are we proud of our anti-social habits? Apparently not. Almost a fifth of us (17%) have pretended to have gone out, when we actually stayed at home.

Half of Brits (50%) admit to ditching their friends ahead of a night out in favour of a takeaway and a box set.

More than one in ten (12%) admit to lying to get out of plans at least once a fortnight, with almost a third (30%) making up excuses more than once a month, according to the study commissioned by on-demand restaurant delivery service, Deliveroo.

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Film, food and booze all top the list of the ingredients for the nation’s perfect night in - and when it comes to company, 15% of us would prefer to spend it alone, whilst a more sociable 52% would opt to chill out with their other half over anyone else.

Dan Warne from Deliveroo said: “We’ve discovered that people all over the country are bailing on their social plans at the last minute, instead opting for a quiet night at home, in front of the TV. And the excuses we’re coming up with are pretty startling.”

What are the real reasons we lie to get out of a night out? Here are top 10 most common excuses:

1. Illness

2. Other plans

3. I can’t make it anymore

4. I don’t want to go

5. I have to look after my pet

6. I have to work late

7. I have to get up early the next day

8. Family emergency

9. I’ve had an argument with my other half

10. No excuse – I just don’t turn up

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