They served a mean gravy and chips - and rocked your babies to sleep

You certainly had plenty to say when we asked for memories of Asda when it was in the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre.

Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 2:03 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:54 am
Asda in March 1996.

Some said they loved that the store had staff who rocked babies while their mams were shopping.

Others adored the meals that the store used to serve, particularly gravy and chips.

We reached more than 37,000 of you with our social media post of a photograph from the good old days.

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We asked if you remembered the days when the store was on the edge of the shopping centre and Mary Green certainly did.

She said: “This picture brings back so many memories. Nan taking me to the town every Saturday and going in to Asda and talking to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Felt like I was in there for 3 hours x.”

Charlotte Nixon was one of those who remembered: “Sleeping babies left where trollies kept. You wouldn’t dare now.”

Jean Wilson also recalled: “I remember the Asda were Argos is now when shopping mams left there prams in a line near checkout u would always see a member of staff rocking prams not something we would today.”

Plenty of others remembered various shops which were on the site, Elizabeth Townsend said: “Fine Fare, then Presto I think? Then ASDA. #old.”

Tracey Shipp told us: “Aww got my first ever house item in their with my mam n dad happy memories

Wendy Cowlam said: “Asda was were Argos was before it was their most of my family worked there when it was under the Windsor restaurant 1979 my older sister started working there.”

Marge Smethurst told us: “Fine fare, gateway then Asda it was where TJ Hughes is.”

Janet Rudd said: “Yea worked there for nine years,loved it”

And Alan Noddings chipped in with: “My mam worked in the wines and spirits department just on the right as you went in she worked for the previous owners gateway and i think fine fare.”

Claire Allard said: “I was thinking about the gravy and chips ha they were the best xx”

And Adele Bradley agreed: “We loved sausage gravy & chips in here.”

So did Gemma Hope who said: “remember our gravy and chips in here.”

Simon Harrow was reflective when he said: “Wow so long ago . Where has time gone. Life is so short.”

Many of you said you were feeling old because you remembered those days.

Emma Morrow Royal said: “Did my work experience there but it was gateway.”

Thanks too to Wayne Winspear who said: “I remember it as fine fare too and over the road in Park Road was Job Lot.”

Thank you to everyone who shared their memories.