Transported back in time for wonderful memories of town bus station

A nostalgic look back at a piece of town centre history attracted the attention of thousands of Hartlepool Mail readers.

Wednesday, 4th January 2017, 11:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 2:49 am
The old Hartlepool Bus Station.

And it prompted dozens of you to step down memory lane with your own recollections of the old Hartlepool bus station.

You described it as atmospheric, the best there ever was, and a true representative of the good old days.

We posted an old photograph of the station on social media and 14,000 of you spotted it.

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Elsie Kennedy loved it and said “never see another one as good as this,”

It was so good because it had “clean toilets nice warm waiting room with seats see all buses coming in and a nice snack bar a lovely cup of tea and a meeting place for a date,” added Elsie who was not on her own in praising the station.

Yvonne Lord said: “I remember going the cafe on a Saturday moro before going up to Seaton to go on the shows all day there wer the best days ever.”

Tony Dorling called it the United bus depot and remembered “Trips up to Crimdon.”

Hilda Carter was a frequent user and said: “Those were the days!”

Carol Turner said: “It had atmosphere x” while Olwen Robinson said: “It was better when it was like that.”

David Mincher used it regularly and said: “Had to get your National Express bus tickets from counter before ‘tinternet and get the bus from here.”

And many of you had reason to remember the station because you worked there.

They included Eileen Flounders who said: “Was on the United buses. And mam worked in cafe.”

Lynn Humphreys said: “Brings back good memories as my dad worked on the United buses as a driver.”

Trevor Laidler added: “Drove the 45 service to Hartlepool from Chester-le-Street in the early seventies.”

Sylvia Liddle said:”Yes, my first job was in 1962 and I used to get the special ICI bus to their offices in Billingham at this bus station.”

Derek Preece commented: “Lived in Hartlepool, school in Billingham, couldn’t avoid it. After school days, lived in Hartlepool and passed through to the ice rink on most days.”

Others to comments included:

David Wheelhouse: “Got the bus here at around midnight to go down to London to watch Man United at Wembley against Liverpool.”

Gary Bolton: “Used the cafe on way to pictures.”

Peter Forsyth: “1960 I would travel up to Durham for half a crown or Thornley cost 2bob”

Ronnie Bellerby: “I was a driver for United then.”

Harland Deer: “I remember falling off the railings while waiting for a bus as a kid... 5 stitches later we eventually got another bus home.”

Rita Charlton: “Nice cuppa in the cafe x.”

Anthony Hall: “Yerrrr in the café getting the national buses to London and using the TMS buses, united buses.”

Stuart Watson: “Yup I used it, straight after either going to the Mill House or to go over to The Forum. I remember those bacon sarnies in the cafe too.”

Cath Burgess: “Always having photos taken in the photo booth - as many as possible in there lol.”

Natalie Fennymore: “Got a coach to London Victoria.”

The old bus station was demolished in the 1990s to make way for the town centre changes.

Eventually, the present Interchange was built on the site of the old bus station.

Thanks to everyone who submitted some wonderful memories.