Want to be in Trainspotting 2? Here's your chance to be an extra

Ewan McGregor in the first Trainspotting filmEwan McGregor in the first Trainspotting film
Ewan McGregor in the first Trainspotting film
Remember those days of living it large every evening? The wild nights of drinking and debauchery? Of course you don't, and neither do we. Thanks, alcohol.

Lucky for us all, it seems one Scottish nightclub is now offering a night out you’re guaranteed to recall – as an extra in the upcoming Trainspotting sequel.

With filming for the follow-up to the hit 1996 film well under way, Edinburgh’s Cav has created a Facebook event calling for people between the ages of 18 and 30 to show up at the club on Tuesday 14 June for a chance to appear in the background of the finished film.

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Those who want to rub shoulders with the Trainspotting cast must show up in ’80s attire, leading us to wonder if the scene could be some kind of flashback.

Don’t expect a wild party though – the shoot starts at 4pm and there will be strictly no alcohol available during filming.

Spaces are limited, so hit ‘attending’ if you’ve got your heart set on seeing yourself on the big screen.

According to the Facebook event, there are Trainspotting themed prizes and selfie opportunities with the cast up for grabs for those who turn up in the best authentic ’80s outfits.

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If the whole thing was all starting to sound a bit too much like fun, here’s a reminder from Cav that you’ll still be selling your soul to Hollywood if you decide to go along:

“By entering the premises you grant TS2 Productions Ltd (“the Company”) the right to use your voice and likeness in any and all media in connection with promoting and exploiting the film.”

Will the now middle-aged Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and the rest of the original movie’s cast be slapping on some make-up to take a few decades off, or will the old timers simply be attending an ’80s theme night? Only time will tell.