Hartlepool weather forecast: What's the weather set to be like next week?

We certainly have had a hot weekend but a breezy and rather cloudy evening is set for Sunday, June 30, with some showers.

By faye.dixon
Sunday, 30 June, 2019, 17:44
Cloud and some showers are said to follow the heatwave

According to the Met Office, forecasters predict that the weather is expected to remain breezy throughout the night, but may become drier with showers mostly dying out. Some outbreaks of showers are possible. Minimum temperature 11C.

What is the forecast for Monday?

Regional outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

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Tuesday will be dry with light winds and sunny spells.

Wednesday will be similar but feeling a touch warmer.

Thursday is set to be dry and breezy, with hazy sun through high cloud throughout the day.