What is The Bradley Lowery Foundation? Why the charity was set up and how you can support it

Hundreds of thousands of people across the world will know the name Bradley Lowery.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 11:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 11:40 am
Gemma Lowery launched The Bradley Lowery Foundation in memory of her son.

But many may not know of all the hard work which has gone on behind the scenes in his name.

The six-year-old, from Blackhall, lost his life in July 2017 after a brave battle with terminal neuroblastoma cancer. Before his death, Bradley's family and friends pledged to cement their boy's legacy by supporting other children who need it with fundraising.

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The Bradley Lowery Foundation officially launched to the public last year.

Mum Gemma Lowery, family friend and co-founder Lynn Murphy and dozens of other supporters have since been working in honour of other children, inspired by Bradley's own brave fight.

Their mission statement, written by Gemma, states: "Whilst Bradley was suffering himself, Bradley used to always look out for other children on the ward, this inspired me to carry on his work now he is no longer with us.

Gemma Lowery launched The Bradley Lowery Foundation in memory of her son.

"Our aim with the Foundation is to help and support campaigns to raise funds for medical treatment/equipment not available on the NHS.

"I tried everything within my power to try and help Bradley survive, but unfortunately it never worked.

"I want to try and help other children achieve the goal we didn’t. Bradley has created a legacy that we are so proud of. Myself, my family and my team want to carry on his legacy and do my little boy proud."

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Bradley lost his life in July 2017.

A number of events have been held in aid of the Foundation since its work started - and the charity has already helped to boost the campaigns of many children suffering with different challenges.

Among them is Alfie Smith, from Hartlepool, who has Cerebral Palsy. He needed to raise more than £50,000 for an operation to help him walk.

The Foundation said: "We followed Alfie’s journey, we fundraised and campaigned, and after 14 weeks Alfie exceeded his target and is following a strict physio plan, which is proving to be very successful."

Work is also ongoing to help Frankie Palmer, who is three years old. He too suffers Cerebral Palsy and his family is working to raise £90,000 for an operation.

The Foundation aims to help and support other children and their families with fundraising.

The charity has recently hit out at social media "rumours", which they say were aiming to bring their good work into question, with a lengthy post on its Facebook page.

In it, Lynn Murphy praised friend and colleague Gemma, and said: "Let me get one thing straight to anyone reading this, losing a child is the worst possible pain anyone can ever go through, no one and I mean no one, is living a life of luxury!

"Each day for Gemma, Carl and Kieran is struggle, but what does Gemma do, she gets up and helps support other families in the hope they never have to feel the pain her family are going through. I am sick and tired of people thinking 'oh she’s on the telly, what a life' are you really jealous of a mam who had to cremate her child?

"We do not go out seeking children to help, families come to us and ask, not everyone wants or needs to fundraise, and only when they approach us, do we offer support."

She also confirmed that the Foundation is in the process of completing its annual audit. Once finished, the accounts will be published in full.

Bradley was a huge football fan - and Sunderland was his favourite time.

Gemma also spoke out about online trolls following this Facebook post - but said that everyone's messages of love and support have further spurred her on with her charity work.

For more information about The Bradley Lowery Foundation visit their website here, or join their page on Facebook. It is a registered charity, and it's number is: 1174333.