What did social media make of tonight's Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits - filmed in Hartlepool?

Viewers took to social media to react to tonight's episode of Channel 4's Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits, which was filmed in Hartlepool

By Kevin Clark
Wednesday, 20 February, 2019, 21:12
Darren took to robbing drug dealers

The show focused on couple Graham and Jordan, who were facing a lengthy wait to receive their Universal Credit payment.

Graham was shown searching the streets for things to sell and even breaking into empty houses to steal metal to sell to scrap dealers.

Graham resorted to shoplifting

Turning to shoplifting, he was seen being arrested only to return to stealing after being released on bail.

Another couple, Darren and Donna, were sanctioned for failing to comply with the job search requirements and Darren turned to robbing drug dealers to bring in cash, a move which left him fearing for his life after receiving threats of retaliation.

Carl Johnson‏, Tweeting as @carljtweets, was less than complimentary about the programme makers', motives: "Oooo yipeeeeee! Another episode of propaganda tv....let's turn this into a drinking game....take a shot for every stereotype they shoe horn in," he wrote.

But he also had sympathy for what had happened to the town: "This angers me so much. I'm lucky enough to be from a part of the northeast that had farming & tourism to fall back on, but there's many places like this around! never recovered from Thatcher....left behind!"

Many people were less than impressed by Darren's choice of making money - and even less so by the makeshift mask he wore and his choice to take part in the show.

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Dave Bull‏, @Dave_Bull_, wrote: "Not being funny but if a drug dealer gets robbed off that, it's time to take up another trade," while BM Arnos,‏ @dlphnfrndlytuna, said: "That guy robbing drug dealers on #skintBritian does he not realise they now know he is?? This really made my crack up #facepalm" and Miss Vicky,‏ @Miss_Vicky_F, added: "The police should just watch this programme... channel 4 seems to be collecting the video evidence for them!"

Judy Anne,‏ @Judyannne, said: "This is what happens when you close down manufacturing industries. If these people could go and work in the steel works they wouldn't have to rely on benefits. But there is nothing for them," while .Beth Andrade,‏ @OTStudentBeth, wrote: "#skintbritain is breaking my heart... there is always so much more to a story than crime or bad life decisions. How can people be so abandoned and let down by our system. #weneedchange."

Rae With an E,‏ @RaeSingh, was less sympathetic with tonight's couples than the people featured previously: "Last weeks lot were actually in need of support and welfare, this weeks lot are the lowest in society! Thieves, drug dealers, and robbers! #SkintBritain"

Some people were was unimpressed with the show's portrayal of Hartlepool.

Nicola Sheppard‏, @mrsdrogba11, said: "Watching #SkintBritain whilst staying with my partner’s family in #Hartlepool. Not a true reflection of the whole town and it’s people.".

Danny M,‏ @dannydamanny85, wrote: "Just want to let the rest of the country know, the majority of hartlepudlians do actually wear proper clothes, we don’t all walk around in pyjamas or topless. #skintBritian #povertyporn".

And Matty Forcer,‏ @MattyForcer, said: "This portrayal of H’pool is so far out of touch it’s untrue. I genuinely can’t name any close or distant friends/family who are out of work, most of us coming from humble beginnings with a half decent education & a bit of drive to well for ourselves and our families #SkintBritain"