What Hartlepool and East Durham MPs have said after rejecting Theresa May's Brexit deal in Parliament

Here's how our MPs have reacted to Parliament rejecting Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 10:40 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 10:44 am
Hartlepool and East Durham MPs give their verdict on Theresa May's Brexit deal being rejected by Parliament

What do you think needs to happen now?

Mike Hill, MP for Hartlepool, said "common sense had prevailed". He now wants a new deal negotiated which "protects Hartlepool businesses, workers rights and the environment"

He said: "I think the vote was a resonatingly overwhelming vote against the Government's failed Brexit policy.

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"The Prime Minister cannot escape the fact that a sizeable majority of the House, across all the benches, were prepared to tell her 'enough is enough' on her botched deal.

"She is trying to count the clock down towards Brexit and run away from significant issues.

"She can't run away from those issues now and though she may well rely on the DUP to escape a vote of no confidence in the Government, the issue over her lack of leadership after two years of negotiating will not go away."

"We need to find a way of leaving the EU with controls in place, that protect both business in Hartlepool, workers rights, jobs and the environment."

Grahame Morris, MP for Easington, wants a General Election and thinks a Labour Government can "fix the mess"

"The PM’s botched Brexit deal has been voted down by the biggest margin in political history.

"I could not vote for a deal that does not represent the interests of the people I was elected to represent.

"It is time for a Labour Government to fix this mess."