What you said about Manor Community Academy's crackdown on behaviour

Readers have had a mixed reaction to a clampdown on bad behaviour at Manor Community Academy.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 3:01 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd April 2018, 3:06 pm
Manor Community Academy has appointed a new principal.

Lee Kirtley has been appointed as the new principal of Manor Community Academy and started in his new role last week.

He has said he will not tolerate rule-breakers who disrupt the learning of pupils.

Lee Kirtley has been appointed as principal at the school.

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Following his appointment, ‘a small percentage’ of pupils were excluded for a day on Monday and Tuesday after refusing to comply with rules and requests from staff.

The exclusions come as the school looks to renewed emphasis on its existing Behaviour Policy to stop a minority of pupils disrupting learning for others. The school says there has already been an improvement and exclusions for disruption in lessons have fallen.

Issues in school have included disruption in lessons, mobile phones, make-up and uniform.

The Mail’s Facebook page has been inundated with comments from readers.

Lee Kirtley has been appointed as principal at the school.

Lauren Dav said: “Nothing wrong with what he’s doing. Good on him.”

Angela Bunn-Close commented: “This is what the man has been hired for.

“He is pushing the rules that have been in place and ensuring by not backing down that the pupils and staff are clear where the line is drawn and that he will back them up to help ensure everyone is learning to the best of their ability.

“I urge parents to think about what their child has been excluded for and how that would transfer to them if they did it themselves in their current job.”

Hayley Gagan said: “I don’t think any of the parents have an issue with rules and discipline.
“What we have an issue with is children being sent home for very minor infractions, top buttons not fastened, blazers being taken off in high temperatures, wrong colour hair bobbles, wearing make up in accordance with school rules.”

Craig Elliott commented: “Bravo I say.”

Julie Samantha Brown said: “Good on him, someone needs to teach these kids respect.”

Gemma Parker added: “Too strict.”

Carole Waterman commented: “Make up thing gone a bit far, some girls suffer with teenage spots so should be allowed to cover them up - it is a confidence thing.”

Claire Halse said: “My boy thinks he’s sound - firm but fair.

“Some kids need to learn respect and discipline.

“Don’t agree with all there rules like, but 99% of them are bang on.”

Julie Dawn said: “I’m very happy with the new head, the school was on a downward slide.”

David Robson agreed: “I think there should definitely be discipline.”

Sarah Jayne wrote: “Just an excuse to get rid of challenging kids, there are other alternatives to punish a child.”

Robert Moore commented: “If I don’t wear uniform at work, I’m sent home. If I were to turn up with out my kit, I get sent home. If I chose to wear make up or not shave, I’d be told to wash it off and shave. If I had my phone out, id have it removed by security. To add to this, I’d likely be shouted at for good measure. If I did this repeatedly, I’d be sacked. What’s wrong with enforcing rules? Great school under Mr White, I’m sure it could be again.”