Who got their records, sweets and Ladybird clothes from Woolies?

Remember those chart albums you could buy in the 1970s - but not by the original artists?

Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 12:21 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:07 am
Woolies in Middleton Grange in 2008.
Woolies in Middleton Grange in 2008.

Or how about Star Wars light sabres? Do you remember 99 pence cassettes, or getting all the stationery you needed for when you went back to school after the holidays?

The common denominator for all the above was Woolworths - because you could pretty much get all of the above there.

Woolworths and the big clock outside it.

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We asked you for your recollections of the former store in the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre and posted a photograph of it in 2008, and 13,000 people took a look.

One recurring theme was the pick and mix sweets, although Christine Zebedee went further and said: “Pick n mix n the photo booth.”

Pick and mix memories also came flooding back for Tracey Farley, Gina Costin, Michelle Mincher and Neil James Palmet, as well as Gavin Milne, Kayleigh Valentine Moffitt, John Doyle and Victoria Cannell, who said: “Pick n mix - mmm.”

But it wasn’t all just about the sweets. Gary Carter said: “I remember when they had a snack bar and sold groceries. Happy days.”

Woolworths and the big clock outside it.

Calum Macpherson recalled: “My wonderful Nana buying me a Matchbox car every Tuesday,” while Kelly Wilson remembered: “Ladybird clothing x.”

David Deer reminisced: “Christmas time was always my favourite time to visit Woolies as a child in the 80s/90s, seeing all the toys and sweets.”

Others remembered arranging to meet a sweetheart under the clock outside Woolies.

Gillian Fleming recalled: “Buying a 6ft Christmas tree 34 years ago.”

Ayston Graham said his memories were of the latest toy craze and “shopping 4 Christmas.”

Jonny Robson said: “Buying Kings Of The Wild Frontier and sitting on the planter in front reading the lyrics and wondering where I could buy white lipstick for the nose stripe.”

Greg Hildreth said: “Pic n mix, record counter, toy section and when it stretched far back into where Peacocks is now. It was a really good shop in its heyday.”

Julie Anderson loved “the whole shop”, while Joni Ryan said: “Got my very first mobile phone from there. Tiny Motorola that came with a free cd walkman! I was buzzing!”

Lisa Sleeman loved the “Pick and mix, and the stationery for going back to school.”

Jamie Kelsey said: “Pick n mix and the new cd of the week in the charts.”

Thanks also to Adam Hester who said: “Used to buy these rubber bands and Star Wars light sabers”, as well as Loraine Oliver who commented: “When it was in Lynn street and getting your records there.”

Stacie Hind had fond memories of “fitting as Many sweets possible in the tub at the pick n mix”, while Sharon Bartram remembered: “Top of the Pops albums in the early 70s. Weren’t the real singers but they were cheap lol.”

Thanks to everyone who shared some wonderful memories of Woolies.