World Book Day: Fairytales, monsters and famous faces - your best costumes in pictures

Children across the country have been sharing their favourite stories and paying tribute to their top characters for World Book Day.

By Debra Fox
Friday, 08 March, 2019, 08:46
We have been loving your World Book Day costumes.

We have had witches and wizards, classic characters and some animal magic in a range of outstanding outfits from all of you. Thank you to everyone who sent a photograph to celebrate World Book Day - and we hope you have had a brilliant day at school!

Ebben James, age 4, as Mog the forgetful cat. Picture: Abbie Mcclelland.
Alfie, age 7, as Mr Bean. Picture: Leigh Watson.
Joe Richardson, age 11, as a muskateer and Amy Richardson, age 9, as Cleopatra. Picture: Adele Richardson.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Aiden, age 5, Kelsey, age 9, and Jamie, age 8 as Horrid Henry, Tinkerbell and the Mad Hatter. Picture: Amy Metcalfe.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Lola, age 6, as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Andrea Atkinson.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Shaye, age 3, as Postman Pat. Picture: Ann Boagey.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Layton, age 6, as an Oompa Loompa. Picture: Ashleigh Green.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Lola, age 7, as Harley Quinn and Millie, age 3, as Cinderella. Picture: Ashleigh Wainwright.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Travis, age 4, as the Mad Hatter. Picture: Ashleigh Waller.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Sofia-Aimee Hay, age 4, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Ayesha Aimee O-rourke.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Poppy Goldsmith, age 2, as Winnie the Pooh. Picture: Beth Goldsmith.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Finley William Barrat, age 4, as Elmer. Picture: Carly Smith.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Allyssa, age 4. Picture: Caroline-anne Bew-Bell.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Aiden, age 7, and Amelia, age 4. Picture: Carrie Jobling.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Emelie, age 5. Picture: Cindy Stringer.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Riley, age 4, as Woody. Picture: Claire Smith.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Jude Hammond, age 3, as Captain America. Picture: Claire Garrington.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Jack, age 6, as Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. Picture: Danielle Hope.
Katie, age 9, as Dorothy. Picture: Dorothy Campbell.
Lottie, age 2. Picture: Emily Blakey.
Theo, age 7, Darcie, age 9, Koban, age 6 and Ronnie, age 5, as Where's Wally, Wonder Woman, a World War soldier and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Picture: Danielle Watson.
Theo, age 6, as Super Mario. Picture: Gemma Rhead.
Sophie Robson, age 3. Picture: Honour Dale.
Oliver. Picture: Jackie Callander.
Sophia Filby-Gaiety as Red Riding Hood. Picture: Jackie Filby.
Ava Barrett, age 5, as Goldilocks. Picture: Jessica Robyn McEvoy.
Evie, age 5, as Peter Rabbit and Taylor, age 10, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Joanne Considine.
Alfie Turner, age 9, as Where's Wally. Picture: Julie Anne Turner.
Lucas Jaxson Hindmarch. Picture: Julie Hindmarch.

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Lincoln Hindmarch. Picture: Julie Hindmarch.
Louie, age 9, as Freddie Mercury. Picture: Kate Bruns.
Alice, age 5, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Keleigh Rose Buttery.
Alicia Ryan, age 9, as Where's Wally and Mason Ryan, age 14 weeks, as Woody. Picture: Kirstie Marie Ryan.
Ella Aspinal, age 10, as Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter. Picture: Kristina Thorpe.
Gracie Aspinall, age 6, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Kristina Thorpe.
Harriet Jean Worthy, age 3, as Mrs Tiggywinkle. Picture: Lauren Green.
Violet Ava Worthy, age 2, as Jemima Puddle Duck. Picture: Lauren Green.
Annie, age 10, as Nanny McPhee. Picture: Leigh Watson.
Faye, age 4. Picture: Lindsey Robson.
Maddie, age 9, as Crazy Cat Lady. Picture: Melanie Prince.
Lacey, age 9, as Awful Auntie. Picture: Natalie Warren.
Tilly, age 7, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Natalie Warren.
Hollie, age 8, as Queen of Hearts. Picture: Nikkie Phillips.
Poppy-Joy, age 7, and Hyaden, age 5, as Matilda and Peter Rabbit. Picture: Ria Leann Smith.
Bradley, age 9, as Ratburger. Picture: Ruby Munro.
Kaydie, age 8, as a bumblebee, Carah, age 10, as an ice queen and Byron, age 6, as Dennis the Menace. Picture: Sacha Wilkins.
Elise Hanley, age 5, as Cinderella. Picture: Sam Hedley.
Ava Hall as Goldilocks. Picture: Stacey Louise Hall.
Cobie and Cara as Horrid Henry and Anna. Picture: Steve Young.
Lee, age 5, as Fantastic Mr Fox. Picture: Tammy Weldrake.
Oliver, age 8 as Viking, and Alice, age 5, as a cat. Picture: Vanessa Pickering.
Fallon, age 5. Picture: Vicky Booth.
Lucy, age 6, as Alice in Wonderland, Picture: Vikki Owens.
Joseph, age 8, Chloe, age 3, and Noah, age 7 as the Mad Hattery, Princess Aurora and Harry Potter. Picture: Vicky Coates.
Violet, age 9, Lucy, age 6 and Freya, age 9 as the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland and Matilda. Picture: Vikki Owens.
Violet, age 9, as the Mad Hatter. Picture: Vikki Owens.
Harrison Winter, age 6, as Titanic. Picture: Margaret Hotham.
Aaron Winter, age 4, as the Three Little Pigs. Picture: Margaret Hotham.