World Book Day: Fairytales, monsters and famous faces - your best costumes in pictures

Children across the country have been sharing their favourite stories and paying tribute to their top characters for World Book Day.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 8:46 am
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 8:48 am
We have been loving your World Book Day costumes.
We have been loving your World Book Day costumes.

We have had witches and wizards, classic characters and some animal magic in a range of outstanding outfits from all of you. Thank you to everyone who sent a photograph to celebrate World Book Day - and we hope you have had a brilliant day at school!

Ebben James, age 4, as Mog the forgetful cat. Picture: Abbie Mcclelland.
Alfie, age 7, as Mr Bean. Picture: Leigh Watson.

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Joe Richardson, age 11, as a muskateer and Amy Richardson, age 9, as Cleopatra. Picture: Adele Richardson.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Aiden, age 5, Kelsey, age 9, and Jamie, age 8 as Horrid Henry, Tinkerbell and the Mad Hatter. Picture: Amy Metcalfe.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Lola, age 6, as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Andrea Atkinson.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Shaye, age 3, as Postman Pat. Picture: Ann Boagey.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Layton, age 6, as an Oompa Loompa. Picture: Ashleigh Green.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Lola, age 7, as Harley Quinn and Millie, age 3, as Cinderella. Picture: Ashleigh Wainwright.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Travis, age 4, as the Mad Hatter. Picture: Ashleigh Waller.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Sofia-Aimee Hay, age 4, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Ayesha Aimee O-rourke.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Poppy Goldsmith, age 2, as Winnie the Pooh. Picture: Beth Goldsmith.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Finley William Barrat, age 4, as Elmer. Picture: Carly Smith.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Allyssa, age 4. Picture: Caroline-anne Bew-Bell.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Aiden, age 7, and Amelia, age 4. Picture: Carrie Jobling.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Emelie, age 5. Picture: Cindy Stringer.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Riley, age 4, as Woody. Picture: Claire Smith.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Jude Hammond, age 3, as Captain America. Picture: Claire Garrington.
World Book Day in Hartlepool. Jack, age 6, as Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. Picture: Danielle Hope.
Katie, age 9, as Dorothy. Picture: Dorothy Campbell.
Lottie, age 2. Picture: Emily Blakey.
Theo, age 7, Darcie, age 9, Koban, age 6 and Ronnie, age 5, as Where's Wally, Wonder Woman, a World War soldier and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Picture: Danielle Watson.
Theo, age 6, as Super Mario. Picture: Gemma Rhead.
Sophie Robson, age 3. Picture: Honour Dale.
Oliver. Picture: Jackie Callander.
Sophia Filby-Gaiety as Red Riding Hood. Picture: Jackie Filby.
Ava Barrett, age 5, as Goldilocks. Picture: Jessica Robyn McEvoy.
Evie, age 5, as Peter Rabbit and Taylor, age 10, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Joanne Considine.
Alfie Turner, age 9, as Where's Wally. Picture: Julie Anne Turner.
Lucas Jaxson Hindmarch. Picture: Julie Hindmarch.
Lincoln Hindmarch. Picture: Julie Hindmarch.
Louie, age 9, as Freddie Mercury. Picture: Kate Bruns.
Alice, age 5, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Keleigh Rose Buttery.
Alicia Ryan, age 9, as Where's Wally and Mason Ryan, age 14 weeks, as Woody. Picture: Kirstie Marie Ryan.
Ella Aspinal, age 10, as Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter. Picture: Kristina Thorpe.
Gracie Aspinall, age 6, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Kristina Thorpe.
Harriet Jean Worthy, age 3, as Mrs Tiggywinkle. Picture: Lauren Green.
Violet Ava Worthy, age 2, as Jemima Puddle Duck. Picture: Lauren Green.
Annie, age 10, as Nanny McPhee. Picture: Leigh Watson.
Faye, age 4. Picture: Lindsey Robson.
Maddie, age 9, as Crazy Cat Lady. Picture: Melanie Prince.
Lacey, age 9, as Awful Auntie. Picture: Natalie Warren.
Tilly, age 7, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Natalie Warren.
Hollie, age 8, as Queen of Hearts. Picture: Nikkie Phillips.
Poppy-Joy, age 7, and Hyaden, age 5, as Matilda and Peter Rabbit. Picture: Ria Leann Smith.
Bradley, age 9, as Ratburger. Picture: Ruby Munro.
Kaydie, age 8, as a bumblebee, Carah, age 10, as an ice queen and Byron, age 6, as Dennis the Menace. Picture: Sacha Wilkins.
Elise Hanley, age 5, as Cinderella. Picture: Sam Hedley.
Ava Hall as Goldilocks. Picture: Stacey Louise Hall.
Cobie and Cara as Horrid Henry and Anna. Picture: Steve Young.
Lee, age 5, as Fantastic Mr Fox. Picture: Tammy Weldrake.
Oliver, age 8 as Viking, and Alice, age 5, as a cat. Picture: Vanessa Pickering.
Fallon, age 5. Picture: Vicky Booth.
Lucy, age 6, as Alice in Wonderland, Picture: Vikki Owens.
Joseph, age 8, Chloe, age 3, and Noah, age 7 as the Mad Hattery, Princess Aurora and Harry Potter. Picture: Vicky Coates.
Violet, age 9, Lucy, age 6 and Freya, age 9 as the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland and Matilda. Picture: Vikki Owens.
Violet, age 9, as the Mad Hatter. Picture: Vikki Owens.
Harrison Winter, age 6, as Titanic. Picture: Margaret Hotham.
Aaron Winter, age 4, as the Three Little Pigs. Picture: Margaret Hotham.