Your right royal memories of this old hotel

An iconic venue certainly has not been forgotten by Hartlepool Mail readers.

Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 10:15 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 10:20 am
The Crossways Hotel in Thornley.
The Crossways Hotel in Thornley.

Who remembers the Crossways Hotel, we asked. More than 12,000 people showed an interest in the social media post and plenty of you remembered one very significant aspect of the Crossways history - when it received royalty.

Stephen Taylor, Marion Langlands and others reminded us that both Princes William and Harry stayed there.

Another old view of Thornley, with the Crossways just visible at the top of the hill.

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Back in April 2000, Wills and 40 of his chums from Eton School spent three nights at the venue as part of an annual geography field trip. It seems William made the most of his time in East Durham, impressing staff with his impeccable table manners and even proving a dab hand at the karaoke. Apparently, he belted out the 70s disco classic YMCA.

Three years later, Harry made the same trip and also starred on the karaoke.

Yet it was not just royal memories which you all had of the Crossways. Christmas dinners were a hugely popular treat.

Rachael Collins said: “We were always there for family meals and for a very long time Christmas dinner. I also worked their as a waitress for a lot of years x x.”

Another old view of Thornley, with the Crossways just visible at the top of the hill.

Lorraine French commented: “Loved the place, had our Christmas dinner there every year great memories x.”

Emily Humphries said: “Brilliant. Had some great nights there” while Gemma Wilson told us: “Had my wedding reception there. Was a fantastic place.”

Christopher MacDonald commented: “My grand parents lived just down the road, we went there many times over the years. Much missed.”

And Ann Cooke recalled: “Remember having 4 fabulous steaks about 30year ago. We were eating there with our friends Stan & Gerry. Great memories of times gone by.”

Fantastic memories and they kept on coming. Marion Langlands said: “I remember it as the Halfway House before The crossways. I wás at Crossways on a few occasions. Princes William and Harry both stayed there at separate times when they were on school trips. Sadly i didnt see them.”

Elizabeth Hodgson Moore commented: “I worked there when Rose and Bob Both managed it for Gatenby’s also many good night out there too.”

Kat Watson added: “Absolutely loved this place! Grew up going here for Sunday lunch with the family.”

John Hudson also commented and said: “Thank you for the memories Eileen & I bought Crossways on 20th July 1987. It was a difficult decision to sell it for Development 7th April 2008.”

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fantastic memories of a great venue which later made way for housing.