These are the best and worst value Easter eggs for 2021 - from Cadbury to Lindt

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Most of us are getting set for Easter, which falls on 4 April this year, but for the chocolate lovers amongst us, which eggs give the best value for money?

Research from savings site,, cross referenced the cost and weight ofpopular Easter eggs sold online at four of the UK’s biggest supermarkets to find the best value eggon offer.

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What are the best value eggs?

Of those analysed, Cadbury Creme Egg Medium Easter Egg (138g) provides the mostchocolate for your money at only 77p per 100g based on an average cost of £1.06 taken acrossTesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's and Morrisons.

Cadbury Mini eggs medium Easter Egg, which was the cheapest Easter Egg per 100g in 2020, followsclose behind, containing a chocolate egg and one packet of Mini Eggs weighing 130g in total. At £1.06 on average across the supermarkets analysed, the egg costs 81p per 100g.

Similarly, Maltesers Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and Smarties Milk Chocolate Easter Egg both cost £1 on average, equating to 83p and 89p per 100g of chocolate respectively.

Expensive options

Looking to the most expensive options when it comes to cost per 100g, the Lindt Milk ChocolateEaster Egg (215g) – complete with a chocolate egg and Lindor Assorted Mini Eggs – is the worst valuefor money according to the findings.

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Costing £7 on average, the cost per 100g equates to £3.26. This is despite the egg containing 47g less chocolate than the Galaxy Minstrels Easter Egg, the sixth-best value egg, which could save chocolate lovers £2.02 per 100g of chocolate and £3.75 per Easter egg, on average.

The Ferrero Rocher Easter Egg has moved up a spot after being crowned the worst value for moneyin 2020 based on its 275g variant. This year, the egg, which weighs in at 212g, costs £3.12 per 100gon average, compared to it’s average 2020 price of £3.91 per 100g.

Speaking of the findings, Anita Naik, Lifestyle Editor at, said: “There is certainly lots of choice for chocolate lovers this Easter, however, some may be interested to learn that of their favourite eggs may not be the best value for money when compared to others.

"While some may cost slightly more than others, I was still surprised to a difference of up to £2.50 per Easter Egg when looking at the price per 100g – which can easily add up when you’re buying Easter eggs for the whole family.

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“It’s always worth shopping around regardless of which eggs you opt for this Easter, as manyretailers will be offering specific deals that could save you valuable cash.”

The findings in full

NameWeightTesco cost per 100g (£)ASDA cost per 100g (£)Sainsbury's cost per 100g (£)Morrisons cost per 100g (£)Average 
Cadbury Creme Egg Medium Easter Egg138g£0.72£0.72£0.91£0.66£0.77
Cadbury Mini eggs Medium130g£0.77£0.76£0.96£0.74£0.81
Maltesers Milk Chocolate Easter Egg & Chocolate127g£0.79£0.78£0.98£0.78£0.83
Smarties Milk Chocolate Easter Egg119g£0.84£0.83£1.05£0.88£0.89
Milkybar Small Easter Egg 65g£1.54£0.64£1.54£1.00£1.09
Galaxy Minstrels Easter egg262g£1.15£1.15£1.15£0.44£1.24
Kit Kat Chunky Milk Chocolate Large Egg260g£1.15£1.15£1.15£0.44£1.24
Cadbury Heroes Easter Egg236G£1.27£1.27£1.27£1.69£1.38
Terry’s Chocolate Orange Egg With Mini Candy250g£1.20£1.20£1.20£2.00£1.40
Thorntons Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg151g£1.66£1.99£2.32£2.00£2.25
Ferrero Rocher Easter Egg 212g£2.83£2.83£3.07£1.45£3.12
Lindt Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Lindor Assorted Mini Eggs215g£2.79£2.79£3.72£1.73£3.26
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