These destinations are offering to pay for part of your holiday when lockdown ends

You could get your next trip to Sicily partially paid for (Photo: Shutterstock)You could get your next trip to Sicily partially paid for (Photo: Shutterstock)
You could get your next trip to Sicily partially paid for (Photo: Shutterstock)

Your next foreign holiday may be cheaper than you're expecting - with some destinations even offering to pay for part of your trip.

For the past few months, border restrictions, travel bans and grounded flights have prevented tourists from jetting out to the world's top beauty spots. Tourism-reliant economies around the world have suffered as a result, and some are now hoping to kick-start the sector once again with subsidised trips and freebies for holidaymakers.

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Here are some of the locations trying to tempt visitors back.


The picturesque Italian island has previously hosted €1 housing schemes to lure new residents to its sunny shores, and now Sicily plans to get tourists back with subsidised flights and accommodation.

Holidaymakers may be able to get half of their flight costs paid for plus one night of accommodation for free. Complimentary entry to archeological sights and world-class museums may also be up for grabs.

Vouchers will be available from the Visit Sicily website.


According to the Association of Hotels in popular holiday spot Cancun, one of the measures that could be brought in for tourists is a 'Come to Cancun 2X1' offer, which offers a free night's stay if holidaymakers pay for the other two.

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Some resorts could offer free hotel accommodation, and other deals may include cash towards plane tickets.


According to the Japan Times, a £10.2 billion plan is in the works to provide subsidies to travellers in Japan - provided the coronavirus infection rate continues to fall.

It's not yet confirmed whether this offer will extend to international visitors.

A ski resort in Nagano announced the scheme on Facebook, writing, "The international travel picture is still unclear however many countries around the globe are beginning to emerge from the Corona Pandemic and keen to get economies back on track.

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"The Japanese economy has become very reliant on tourism as an industry. Like many countries it has taken a major hit with numbers dropping by 99.9 per cent from April 2019 to April 2020.

"To counteract this and get Japan loved again the Government has announced it is putting together a scheme. It could cover half your travel expenses on a trip to Japan.

"Details are still being finalised but with the 2021 Tokyo Olympics planned for next Summer officials are keen to get the ball rolling as soon as possible once all well to do so."


Tourists at hotspots such as Sunny Beach will reportedly be offered free sun beds, tables and sun loungers once the resorts reopen.

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UK staycations

Patricia Yates, VisitBritain's acting chief executive told The Sun that subsidies are currently being discussed as means to encourage Brits to holiday at home.

She said, "For every country, kickstarting the domestic market is really important and Italy has gone with that idea. It is an interesting suggestion for us if we look at what others are doing.

"So we could be looking at marketing campaigns or yes, you could give money straight to people and incentivise them to holiday at home."

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