Fish and chips and fairgrounds - your Seaton Carew memories

Egg sandwiches, the magic shop, beach huts and steelworks bridge - it can only mean one thing.

Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 11:00 am
Seaton was jam packed in its summer heyday.

We asked for your memories of Seaton beach on the hot summer days when space on the sand was at a premium.

Our photograph got interest a huge 14,000 audience and attracted 320 likes. More than 70 of you also took the time to share your memories. We thank you all and here’s what some of you had to say.

Looks like they are having great fun on Seaton sands.

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Special thanks go to Harper Gillian who reminisced: “My old dad and mam used to make me walk along the sea front 50 years ago, god rest their souls.”

They would “sit on the beach, dad in his trilby, mam with her hand bag, egg sandwiches allowed.”

They were allowed a ‘bottle of cola’ then a ice cream from up the beach’ then bus back into Hartlepool by the I think magic shop. Then the TMS back to Trimdon. Lots of memories. I loved Seaton beach.”

Susan Hall said her aunt used to have a beach hut and added: “As kids, we would walk to Seaton and go to see her get a drink of pop and walk home ..happy days.”

Jo Gleave was another to get in touch, and said: “Used to go for many a day out in the summer. Fish and chips then onto the fairground. Was always busy x.”

Kathleen Carter also gets our thanks after telling us: “Remember it well. Could spend all day on the beach. Never cost a penny. Walk over Steelworkers Bridge with 3 children, took a picnic with us and Dad used to come in his dinner hour from steelworks. Kids loved it. Children don’t have half the fun now.”

In fact, the steelworks bridge played a big part in readers’ memories. Barbara Duffy said: “I walked over steelworks bridge to Seaton baths.”

So did the seaside huts. “I was always found in the lost children’s hut,” said Christine Peckett while Peter Forsyth remembered: “Great days, 50/60s, jug of hot tea from green hut on beach and sandwiches that we brought.”

Debbie Leighton said: “Remember the cabin on beach sold buckets and spades and sweets.”

Mike Williams commented: “I worked in ‘Tent & Chairs’ for four summers in the late ‘70s. You can see plenty of our tents on the beach, and a fair few deck chairs will be there as well.”

Gail Curry recalled: “My nana had a chalet/beach hut for the summer.”

Some of you even trekked for miles to enjoy a day at the beach.

Alwyn Robson recalled: “We walked from Hart Village across the fields. Took nothing with us, spent the whole day with maybe an ice cream then trudged back home and we’d had a great day.”

Jean Boothby Potts remembered: “Every other Sunday with the lads and lasses from Newport boys club. Hitched a lift sometimes other times walked all the way. The mad mouse, amusements. Had no money but still had a great laugh. Then home to listen to the top twenty on the radio.”

Thanks to everyone who responded.