Photo provided by NASA shows Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface. (AP Photo/NASA, Buzz Aldrin)

Moon Landing 50th anniversary: 14 reminders of what was happening in Hartlepool on the day Neil Armstrong took 'one small step'

The front page was emblazoned with stories of the ‘Moon Men’

Saturday, 20th July 2019, 06:00 am
Updated Saturday, 20th July 2019, 06:00 am

But while Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were reflecting on one of mankind’s greatest achievements, life went on in Hartlepool.

It was the year that the Tech looked set to win the Hartlepool Senior School Cricket League. Even Chipper and Uncle George were getting excited. Uncle George said: "I feel sure every Chipster will be glued to the television set."

And 50 years on from that incredible moment, on July 20, 1969, is our look at what was happening at home.

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