Championship's dirtiest teams this season

Middlesbrough, Millwall & Norwich City's ranking in the shock 'dirtiest' teams Championship table

Despite a number of pundits still claiming football is no longer a contact sport, 'Why play the ball when you can play the man?' is a footballing philosophy still rife in the game. Indeed, Championship sides have racked up a whopping 1504 yellow cards between them this season.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 5:04 pm

Here, we take a look (via WhoScored stats) at the 2020/21 Championship's disciplinary figures including fouls, bookings, red cards, and examine where Middlesbrough rank among every other second-tier side in the 'dirtiest' teams league table.

We've awarded half a point for a foul, one point for a yellow, three for two yellows followed by a red, and five for a straight red. The teams are ranked from dirtiest to cleanest, and we've also included each team's most ill-disciplined player for good measure:

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