'Remortgages the house in preparation': How Middlesbrough fans reacted to Leeds ticket prices

Away tickets for Middlesbrough’s trip to Leeds United will go on sale at 6pm on Thursday – an announcement which irritated some supporters.

Thursday, 7th November 2019, 4:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th November 2019, 6:10 pm
Middlesbrough will travel to Leeds United on Saturday, November 30.
Middlesbrough will travel to Leeds United on Saturday, November 30.

Boro will travel to Elland Road on November 30, with adult tickets priced at £39.

Since the start of the 2016/17 season, the Premier League have enforced a £30 cap on away tickets, yet the same rules don’t apply for Championship clubs.

Boro supporters have also been left confused at the club’s new away ticket loyalty scheme which was introduced at the start of this season.

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The first batch of Leeds tickets will be available to fans who have 70 loyalty points or more, the same amount of points which are awarded for purchasing a Boro season card.

That means supporters who have a season cards, even if they haven’t attended an away fixture this season, will be able to purchase Leeds tickets at the earliest possible opportunity.

Boro supporters who attend an away fixture receive five extra loyalty points for doing so.

Here’s how some Boro fans reacted to the news on social media:

Matthew Hiser: What’s the point in the priority points system when all games this year have been for people with 70 points (any season ticket holder) - same as last year?

Emily Lancaster: What was the point with the priority point system? We have been to every away game this season so have 90+ points yet we will have to fight to get Leeds tickets when someone could come along who hasnt been to any away games this season and get one! I

Kevin Scott: 70 points? So basically practically anyone then.

David Mohan: Why is it 70 loyalty points again??? Also £40 what a joke.UTB

Trevor Lancaster: Priority points what's the point

Mat Evans: *Remortgages the house in preparation*

Chris Joughin: Lmao £39 to watch Leeds destroy us

Phil Barker: £39 shocking

Rob Richardson: How are they allowed to charge so much?

Chris Laity: 40 quid for championship football ... don’t think can justify that