Youngstars: Brother and sister Ekam and Sheena Takhar celebrate becoming Canada National Karate champions

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Martial arts brother and sister Ekam and Sheena Takhar are celebrating after becoming Canada National Karate champions.

Thirteen-year-old Ekam won a gold medal in Kumite (fighting) while his sister Sheena, aged 8, won a gold medal in Kata (a series of pre-arrange moves) and a silver medal in Kumite.

The pair, from Blackhall, had to battle against some of the very best athletes from across Canada, the USA, Japan, India and Europe to secure their medals.

The event took place at the Richmond Olympic Oval in British Columbia.

Ekam, who attends Durham school, and Sheena, who goes to Durham High School for Girls, are both students at Hartlepool Wadokai Karate Club, a full time non-profit Karate club based at Whitby Street South, Hartlepool. For more information on the club visit