Mail readers on hotel plan

Members of the Hartlepool community have welcomed plans for a new hotel on the outskirts of the town.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 12 June, 2019, 13:49
Wynyard Golf Club: Picture: Google Maps.

Proposals from Wynyard Golf Club for a 150-bed luxury resort on its grounds have been given the green light by Stockton Council.

Here is what readers had to say on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Ian Walker: “This isn’t being built with council money - it’s just planning permission approval for investment by a private company? Why is anybody unhappy with this?”

Adam Foster: “Great to see investment of any sort in the local area!”

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Sally Hart: “Here comes the whinge brigade. How dare a business open near me?!”

Andrew Stainsby: “Wynyard is Stockton Council, nothing to do with Hartlepool, dont see a problem, private land, jobs for building trades, jobs to run it , win win.”

Danny Chelsea Wilmot: “Nothing to do with the town but it will bring people around the area and create jobs for locals so good news.”

Steve P Murray: “Over development, not needed.”

Brett Pilkington: “Actual anger from people about a private hotel being built creating jobs. I can moan along with the best of them but this is ridiculous.”