'Not next door' or 'why not?' - Hartlepool residents react to plans for alcohol mixing and tasting business

Mail readers have both welcomed and criticised a woman's plans to open a new business from her home.

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 12:22 pm
Plans have been submitted to Hartlepool Borough Council.

Susan Connor has applied to Hartlepool Borough Council to open Rummage & Rootle - a business mixing different spirits of alcohol and offering taste testings - on Brierton Lane in the town.

Other than online sales, there will be no sales on the site except at pre-booked tasting events, of which there will be no more than two a month.

A review of the plans will take place after nearby residents submitted objections to the proposals.

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Getting in touch on social media, some Mail readers criticised the plans and said they would not want such a business operating next door to them.

Others showed their support, sharing their backing for the enterprise.

Here is how you reacted to the story on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Kath Mathieson: "My knee-jerk reaction is ... not next door to me. I have read the article and one concern is the quantity of booze held on the premises and the risk of attracting burglaries."

Trevor Craddy: "Although one can only admire people who come up with innovative business ideas, in this instance I think she's just asking for trouble."

Margaret Irish: "Be honest, how many in favour of this would want it next door to them? Not many I am thinking."

Marty Ryan: "Why not it’s just like having a get together."

Sheila Henderson: "I fully back this lady's enterprise, she has jumped through hoops to start this business properly."

Marky Hewitt: "Plenty of empty shop units available for businesses."

Kir Banks: "If you watch programmes such as The Apprentice, lots of the ‘entrepreneurs’ on there start their businesses from home and some of them need to apply for licences as well to comply with legal requirements."

Jamie Luptonn: "Unless it affects you directly who even cares let the woman get on with it am sure the licensing people will look at all the factors and make the right decision!"

Alec Wood: "It seems to me people can't tell the difference between a business that needs a licence for legal reasons and a public house."

Sarah Short: "All this lady is doing is trying to make a legitimate business for herself shame on all those who can’t stand someone making something of their lives."