Mail readers claim Hartlepool has too many takeaways after businesses refused planning permission

Mail readers have been having their say after businessmen behind two takeaways turned down for planning permission lodged appeals.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 7:38 am
Readers claim there are too many takeaways in the town
Picture by Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
Readers claim there are too many takeaways in the town Picture by Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

That case will also now go to the planning inspector.

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Mail readers had their say on the issue via our Facebook page, with many raising concerns over the number of takeaways in the town as well as the potential health impacts.

Commenting on the Raby Road case, Kathleen Verrall said: “Too many. Every other shop is a takeaway. Need to be rid of a few!”

Simon Watson commented: “Far too many.”

Marg Mcloughlin agreed: “Far too many. It's ridiculous. Full streets of them.”

Scott Collin said: “If folks didn't need this many takeaway places, they would close down. Its simple. If schools taught kids how to cook food, it would help.

“At school in the 90s, I learnt how to cook two types of cake, and Pythagoras. I've used neither since.”

Anthony Bate said: “Look around the town. We have a massive obesity issue. Far too many of these places and not enough cookers in people's homes.”

Commenting on the Saxon case, Paul Baggett commented: “Denying one takeaway opening isn't going to combat obesity in the town. Education, spending on welfare and investing in equipment/activities are what's needed, but that costs to much.”

Trevor Craddy said: “I agree there's a plethora of takeaways already operating in the town, but since when did Hartlepool Council turn itself into the health police? Makes me laugh, people who can't afford takeaways and go to the food bank are offered mostly canned stuff - not exactly the healthy option.”