Road-rage drivers responsible for death of much-loved Hartlepool cyclist jailed for more than 15 years

Two drivers who caused the death of a much-loved Hartlepool cyclist in a road rage incident have been jailed for more than 15 years.

Wednesday, 1st June 2022, 3:05 pm

Paige Robinson, 24, and David Ferry, 47 were found guilty of death by dangerous driving of married father of two Graham Pattison after a trial at Teesside Crown Court last month.

The court heard they were involved in competitive driving at high speed, tailgating and sudden breaking on the A689 between Sedgefield and Wynyard on July 24 in 2020.

Both were “utterly oblivious” to innocent Mr Pattison, 49, who was hit by Robinson in her Ford Fiesta and catapulted 40 metres into the air.

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David Ferry (left) and Paige Robinson.

Two off-duty nurses stopped to try to help him but he died of his injuries.

Ferry, of Granville Terrace, Redcar, did not stop at the scene and initially lied to the police about the extent of his involvement.

He was jailed for eight years today (June 1) and Robinson, of Bow Hill Way Billingham, got seven years nine months.

Judge Jonathan Carroll said Mr Pattison, a much loved husband and dad to two daughters, had everything to live for including key family milestones.

Graham Pattison (inset) from Hartlepool was tragically killed on the A689 near Sedgefield.

"All of that has been taken away because of the senseless, unnecessary and appalling dangerous driving of you two,” he told them.

The court heard how Audi TT driver Ferry became increasingly frustrated after Ferry accidentally cut him up in her Ford Fiesta when coming off the A1.

What should have been a minor inconvenience rapidly escalated into “angry road rage” said the judge with the A689 becoming their “race track”.

Robinson, who was being egged on by her boyfriend, tried to undertake Ferry who swerved close alongside her vehicle.

Judge Carroll said Mr Pattison “never stood a chance”.

Ferry did not stop at the scene, claiming not to have seen the collision – something the judge did not believe.

Mr Pattison’s wife Victoria read a statement in court describing the impact of the family’s loss.

She said: “I don’t think words could ever do justice to the amazing man he was or the love we had for each other, and I’m certain if I stood here all day I could never convey the impact of his death.

“How do you begin to explain the utter devastation that’s caused when on a perfectly ordinary summer’s day the world as you know it is destroyed in the blink of an eye?”

Martin Sharpe, mitigating for Robinson, said her life had become a “nightmare” and she continues to show “enormous regret”.

Dan Cordey, for ex-Army officer Ferry, said he was of “exemplary” previous character including serving his country, adding he was also deeply remorseful.

Police welcomed the sentences. Sergeant Catherine Iley from the serious and fatal collision unit said: “The offenders blamed each other for the collision which took Mr Pattison’s life but as the Court heard they were driving with total disregard for other road users.

“Their selfish actions had catastrophic consequences.

“But for the actions of Miss Robinson and Mr Ferry, there was no reason Graham Pattison wouldn’t have made it home to his family that afternoon.

“Mr Pattison was a beloved husband, father, son and brother and our thoughts are with his family and friends today.”

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