Free dog waste bags won't solve Hartlepool's fouling problem, say readers

Readers have been having their say on plans to give away free dog waste bags for Hartlepool pet owners.

Sunday, 25th March 2018, 12:46 pm
Updated Sunday, 25th March 2018, 5:05 pm
Dog owners are being encouraged to use free dog waste bags.
Dog owners are being encouraged to use free dog waste bags.

Hartlepool Borough Council is working in partnership with a company called TiksPac and the dispensers will be installed at no cost to the authority.But lots of you aren't convinced the dispensers are the answer - even when they're free.

One of the dog waste bag dispensers.

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Carol Burton commented on our Facebook page: "The only thing that will clean up the problem is owners taking responsibility for their dogs and picking up their ' mess. People shouldn't have dogs if they're not prepared to pick up after them."

Lisa Connor said: "It's not free bags people need, it's respect! I wouldn't dream of leaving any mess from my little dogs for others to clean up. It takes less than a minute. No need for it."

Neil Griffiths added: "If I can clean up after my guide dog then anyone can clean up after their dogs. There is no excuse as far as I’m concerned."

Andrew Johnson was equally unconvinced: "Every jacket I own including my suit jacket has loads of bags in. If they can't be bothered to take them with them, they're not gonna walk to find the nearest one then walk back to pick it up."

One of the dog waste bag dispensers.

David Tumilty wrote: "They cost about a quid for an hundred so I think it's just laziness, but hey if it helps it can only be a good thing."

Many of you had suggestions where the free bags - whose dispensers would be sponsored by environmentally-minded companies - should be.

Maureen Davies said: "Could do with one in Duke Street, it’s absolutely disgusting the amount of dog mess along that street."

Dan Beha suggested: "King Oswy Drive near Barnard Grove School needs one. It's dodge the landmines on the school run!"

Nicol Rain said: "Not hopeful for Dyke House area, only getting one put in Greyfields. The dog mess is on every pavement round this area. Dog owners need to shape up and pick it up."

Michelle Mcdonough wrote: "I saw two people yesterday passing through Seaton Carew not picking up dog poo. The first was a man on a mobility scooter, he just rode off, then a fella with two little dogs just walked off and left it lying there."

The final word goes to Greg Albrighton, who said: " One of these could be placed every 20 metres on every street. The morons who can't be bothered would continue to not be bothered. Numpties will always be numpties."