Letter of the week: 'We put up with something we didn't want - other Hartlepool residents should do the same'

I read the recent article regarding the proposed care home at Bishop Cuthbert, and the comments made by Silverbirch Road resident Mrs Nicholson.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 15 August, 2018, 18:07
The lad at Merlin Way where the home will be built.

I find it quite remarkable that, in her opinion, a care home is not needed in that area as it is a family estate and would be a complete waste of time as there is already Hartfields just down the road.

Well, let me put the record straight.

Does this lady really think that care should only be provided in other areas of the town?

Also read: One hundred new jobs confirmed for Hartlepool with opening of new care homeI do hope she never is in the terrible dilemma of having to place a loved one into care as my family had to.

Some families have had to look outside of town for a placement.

Bishop Cuthbert is a growing area with young and old alike.

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We at Hartfields didn’t want a play park on our doorstep but we got one for your children to play on and we have to put up with it.

So I suggest you do the same regarding care for the elderly.

Christine Ward,