SHAPING UP: Take a step back and look for the positives and focus on them instead

Since the England football team lost in the final of the Euros to Italy, there’s been so much negativity surrounding the nation.

By Graham Low
Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 7:00 pm
There was a great togetherness in the squad with both players and head coach Gareth Southgate and his staff, which helped bring some positivity to the whole occasion. Photo by Facundo Arrizabalaga - Pool/Getty Images

Most news articles and radio stations are focusing on the defeat, the manager’s questionable tactics, the appalling behaviour of a small minority of fans, the disrespect of the players removing their medals, etc, etc.

Yes, defeat is disappointing when you get so close to winning a major tournament, but negativity gets you nowhere.

Negative thoughts can have a damaging affect on your mood, your energy, and your overall wellbeing.

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In my opinion, the team done us proud and we should be focusing on the positive things to come out of the tournament …

We reached the final of a major tournament for the first time in more than 50 years;

We have a young team with a very bright future;

They have a great togetherness;

They brought the country back together after some difficult times;

Fans are back in stadiums;

And, we only have to wait another year until they can put things right at the World Cup.

Thinking positively is so important, not just in football, but in all situations.

When you avoid negativity and have a positive outlook on life it lifts your mood, gives you energy and makes you happier. You can also benefit from the following:


Positive thinkers are less likely to experience mental-health problems such as depression, anxiety, and in general, they enjoy better psychological health as compared to pessimists.

While it is true that people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression can’t be “cured” by positive thinking, it does contribute to a healthy mind and positive emotions over the long term.

When you learn to approach your life with a positive attitude and to explain events in a constructive manner, it becomes easier for you to deal with those events.


Positive thinkers are more likely to exercise regularly.

They also experience less stress or are better able to cope with stress.

Positive thinkers also recover faster from injuries and illnesses, they have better immune systems and they’re less susceptible to the common cold.


Most of us like to be around positive people.

We don’t want to be around people who are negative, always complaining, or always in a bad mood.

It’s natural to want to be around people that are cheerful, upbeat, and optimistic.

Therefore, people that laugh a lot and tend to see events in a positive light are more likely to have more friends.


There is overwhelming evidence from research in positive psychology that people who have a positive attitude are more successful.

Positivity is related to higher levels of job performance, supervisory evaluations and perceived customer service.

Positive people perform better because they are more motivated and more effective.

Next time you find yourself thinking negatively, try to reframe your thinking.

Take a step back, look for the positives in the situation and focus on them instead.