Letter of the week: 'Hartlepool school needs safety barriers outside'

Recently I walked from Ashley Gardens to my father’s in Percy Street, along Jesmond Road.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 2:38 pm
Jesmond Gardens School, in Hartlepool.

Why are there no barriers outside the new school?

People are parking on the pavement outside the school, which I’m sure you’ll agree makes it very dangerous for the children.

Last week's Letter of the week: "We need Hartlepool councillors who can attend meetings"There are barriers outside the old school, and further along the other way outside Grayfields, yet there are none outside a brand new school.

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An oversight in design perhaps?

Surely this needs addressing as soon as possible before there is an accident and a child is badly hurt or worse.

A Reed,

Ashley Gardens,


Editorial note: Hartlepool Borough Council has been asked for a response to this reader's points and we expect to publish a story later this week.