Hartlepool mum hoping seaside coffee wagon will become ‘friendly meeting spot’

A coffee wagon is set to become a part of the Headland’s colourful landscape.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 10:49 am

Located just below Fairy Cove Terrace, the Headland Coffee Wagon aims to offer people more than just a fresh coffee on their walk.

Mum Sam Lee has said she hopes her venture will become a friendly meeting spot and a place where people can enjoy a friendly conversation as well as a hot drink.

The idea was sparked during Sam’s walks on the Headland throughout lockdown.

Sam's son Billy Lee Gibbons, 8, has been helping out at the coffee wagon.

"I used to walk along the Promenade with the dog and my little boy all the time and I just thought it would be nice if there was something here, especially for people on their own where they can walk down and have a chat and get a cup of coffee on their way,“ said Sam.

After securing a permit from the council and doing a few practice runs, the wagon began operating officially at the end of July.

Sam, 46, from the Bishop Cuthbert area of town, has said the response to the new coffee spot has been very positive.

“It’s been going absolutely amazing. People have been so welcoming and friendly,” she said.

The coffee wagon has received a very positive response.

"Everybody’s come along and said how fantastic it is, how much they’ve wanted a cup of coffee on their walk.”

Sam, who was a football writer at the Hartlepool Mail and has been working in PR, added: "It’s the best office window you could possibly have looking out onto that beach and that sea.”

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The wagon has license for between 7am and 9pm, with the best opening times for the premises currently being worked out.

The coffee wagon opened at the end of July.

School friend Donna has been helping out, with Sam’s eight-year-old son Billy also chipping in occasionally.

Sam has said she would like to hire staff members in the future so the wagon can operate each day of the week during its full license times.

She added: "I just want it to be a friendly meeting place that people know they can have a chat with somebody, a decent cup of coffee. We just want to be part of the community.”

During the summer holiday the wagon be found on the Promenade just below Fairy Cove Terrace from 8am until 5pm.