Hartlepool radio presenter gives students and insight into media industry

Students had their radio skills put to the test by a town radio presenter ahead of their summer break.

BBC Radio Tees presenter Paul “Goffy” Gough joined media students from Hartlepool’s Catcote Academy for the day to discover how the radio and media industry operates.

The event was organised by academy careers and employment co-ordinator Jackie McGarry.

Jackie said: “We asked Goffy if he would share his advice, knowledge and experience with the students and he joined us for the day for free.

BBC Radio Tees presenter Paul ‘Goffy’ Gough, far right, with the students and staff from Hartlepool's Catcote Academy.

"It was a brilliant experience for all involved.

"Our aim is to inspire students and days like this play a huge part in letting pupils see what is possible in their chosen careers ahead.”

The event took place at the Centre of Excellence in Creative Arts, in King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool.

The morning session included a presentation of Goffy’s 30-year career journey from his local mobile disco to work at stations including Century Radio, TFM and Metro.

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In the afternoon, students took part in a radio show as they chatted to Goffy about their own aspirations, favourite songs and positivity in the two-hour live show.

Goffy commented: “I was more than happy to help and it was a fantastic day with the pupils and their teachers. They flourished as we put together our radio show in the afternoon and they loved talking about their hopes for the future.

“It was clear they all shared a passion for music and it was a joy to see them all so very confident in front of a live microphone. Radio is a great medium to work in as you can inspire people and lift moods.

"I hope that the day will have helped shaped possible career directions for the pupils – if not then at least it will have given them a positive view of what can be achieved if you have the desire.”

Academy media teacher Stephen Hann, said: “It was a brilliant day for us all to be involved in and so much was gained from it.

"The students were buzzing throughout and it was lovely to see them being so involved.”

Goffy is expected to return after the summer break to get students involved with radio production and content.