See the touching moment Joe McElderry and Hartlepool Male Voice Choir surprise 90-year-old music fan for his birthday

A 90-year-old music fan was given the ultimate birthday suprise when he was treated to a special performance by star Joe McElderry and the Hartlepool Male Voice Choir.

By Sophie Brownson
Monday, 17 June, 2019, 10:21

John Llewellyn celebrated his 90th birthday by listening to the sound of music from the popular choir after his family arranged for its members to serenade him on his special day.

John, from Bishop Cuthbert, has been a life-long music fan.

Joe McElderry and Mark Waller from the Hartlepool Male Voice Choir surprised John Llewellyn with a performance for his 90th birthday.

So daughters Margaret Rodgers and Sarah Lewellyn thought the performance from the choir would be a fitting tribute to mark his 90th birthday.

The great-granddad was taken into The Borough Hall on the Headland, on Saturday, to see the choir rehearsing ahead of their diamond jubilee concert with star Joe McElderry later that evening.

He is the latest in a line of celebrity singers to appear alongside the choir at The Borough Hall.

John Llewellyn was surprised by a special performance by the Hartlepool Male Voice Choir to celebrate his 90th birthday.

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During the performance, dad-of-six John couldn’t contain his delight and said it was lovely to see the choir perform and that it had come as a great surprise.

Choir secretary Mick Waller and singing star Joe then presented John with a cake before launching into a repertoire of hits.

Mike said: “We were delighted to be able to invite John and his family along to see us perform to mark his special day.”

Birthday surprise for 90-year-old John Llewellyn, during Hartlepool Male Voice Choir rehearsal at the Hartlepool Borough Hall. Pictured with daughters Margaret Rodgers, Sarah Llewellyn and wife Peggy.

John's daughter Margaret said: “It was dad’s birthday on Monday, June 10, and as he loves singing we were hoping to get the members of the choir to attend his surprise party.

”But we found out that they would be rehearsing for a concert, so instead they invited us to bring dad along to their rehearsal.

“He has really enjoyed it.”

Joe McElderry (left) and Mick Waller of Hartlepool Male Voice Choir at a birthday surprise for 90-year-old John Llewellyn, during the choir rehearsal at the Hartlepool Borough Hall. Pictured with wife Peggy and daughters Margaret Rodgers and Sarah Llewellyn.