The cost of closing major Hartlepool roads to remove litter is revealed

The cost to taxpayers of closing major roads to remove litter has been revealed.

Monday, 13th December 2021, 9:47 am

It comes after councillors voiced how concerns over such problems, along with issues like overgrown weeds, are what they receive the most complaints over from residents.

Hartlepool Borough Council chiefs have reported how they continue to tackle issues as best as they can, despite significant savings having to be made to neighbourhoods and regulatory services in recent years.

It came as part of a review into the department, which includes areas such as environmental services, civil enforcement and highways.

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The cost of closing a stretch of Hartlepool's A689 to clear litter has been revealed.

Tony Hanson, council director of neighbourhoods and regulatory services, told the latest neighbourhood services committee meeting: “I totally understand residents’ frustrations at times, but we can only deal with the money that is available within the budget and we work very hard to achieve that.

“When they make reference to dog fouling, litter and fly tipping, we don’t put it there, but the expectation is on the authority to remove it.

“If I didn’t have to have our officers going out there on a day to day basis to collect litter, then we would be able to do some of the other things that residents ask us to do.”

He gave an example of how the last time the council was forced to close part of the A689 to allow for litter to be removed it cost the authority around £6,000 along with causing traffic delays.

Hartlepool borough councillor Peter Jackson.

Independent Cllr Peter Jackson added: “We’ve got to try and educate people that if that’s what they’re going to do, they’re going to divert our resources.”

Councillors at the meeting stressed the importance of residents taking pride in their area.

Labour’s Cllr Brenda Harrison said: “I don’t think people fully appreciate how much services have been cut, work forces have been cut because of Government cuts.

“I do think getting people more involved with their areas is possibly one of the answers.”

The number of fines issued has also doubled in the last two years with dozens more cases still going through the legal system.