'Scrap it. Don't do it' - what you said about Hartlepool bar's 3am booze bid

Popworld, in Victoria Road, Hartlepool, wants to serve booze until 3am.Popworld, in Victoria Road, Hartlepool, wants to serve booze until 3am.
Popworld, in Victoria Road, Hartlepool, wants to serve booze until 3am.
Hartlepool Mail readers have largely backed police in their efforts to prevent a town centre bar from opening until 3.30am.

As we revealed earlier this week, Popworld, in Victoria Road, Hartlepool, is seeking permission to serve alcohol until 3am before closing at 3.30am.

Cleveland Police, however, fear such hour-long extensions would potentially increase the number of violent incidents in the area.

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A final decision is expected to be reached by Hartlepool Borough Council next Thursday, January 17, with bar owner Stonegate insisting it can open for longer in a "safe and comfortable environment".

Yet the majority of Mail readers on our Facebook page have sided with the police.

Ian Campbell wrote: "Get back to 2am closure of all pubs and clubs and stop 24-hour drinking.

"It’ll save ‘the youth’ all being useless and incapacitated for the whole weekend of light hours in bed.

"Take a look at what our town's become. Shocking."

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Amy Rebecca Ward added: "I was a young manager when the 4am licence very first came in just before xmas 2005.

"Profit wise, great. The type that came in the pub after 12/1am not so good! I forever had police turning up.

"In a town with barely any police. Scrap it. Don't do it.

"The owner should take note too. It's not worth your licence."

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Andy Hill insisted: "To be fair, Stonegate are a well managed company.

"They have several bars all over the country that do very well. I've seen more crime committed on an afternoon at a retail park than I have within Stonegate's bars.

"To be fair though, you can only blame the clientele for the issues. I won't be too stereotypical."

Victoria White, however, totally agreed with the scraping of late licences and added: "Remember the day when the town was busy from 7/8pm.

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"Why not look to increasing foot fall during already licensed hours early doors?

"Get the young ones out of their houses pre-drinking and coming out at 11-4 with a tenner in their pocket cos they are already steaming.

"Can't be making much profit out of a half empty bar, with clientele that don't buy much but still have to pay staff for longer."