Another white elephant? Mail readers react to possible council takeover of Hartlepool's Navigation Point car park

Hartlepool motorists have both backed and criticised the possibility of the town’s council taking over a privately-run car park.

Monday, 26th August 2019, 5:45 pm
Bosses at Hartlepool Borough Council have been urged to enter talks with Mandale Group about buying the 340-space car park at Navigation Point.

Navigation Point, which offers 340 spaces at Hartlepool Marina, is on the market for £1.2million – with bosses at the borough council being urged to enter talks with Mandale Group; the company which currently owns it.

While some Mail readers have agreed that new management at the car park would be an improvement, others have urged their council to use that money towards other things.

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Residents also argued that free parking would be the best option to champion the area and encourage people to visit.

The issue will be discussed at the council’s Finance and Policy Committee meeting on Tuesday, August 27 from 11am at Hartlepool Civic Centre.

Here is how you reacted on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Parking at Navigation Point, Hartlepool.

Marky Hewitt: “Let Mandale sort their own private mess out and use the money to improve public amenities not private revenues.”

Marg Mcloughlin: “That means less and less will go there and places will close down. Tees Bay Retail Park has no parking charges because it's private land have you seen how packed that place is all the time.”

Andy Glover: “Ideally the parking would be free but even the park being under new management would be an improvement.”

Carol Burton: “Another white elephant that will be stuck on our council tax bills.”

Do you park at Navigation Point?

Tom Kelly: “Well if it's not sold at £1.2million then it's not worth that much.”

Charlotte Macgregor: “How come the council can find £1.2million to buy a car parking machine but not for other things?”

Trevor Heselton: “Rather keep the £1.2million and freeze council tax for the working people of the town.”

Graeme Scott: “Why should the tax payer buy this … just stop charging people to park on property the have paid for with their taxes.”