What viewers thought of the final episode of Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits - filmed in Hartlepool

Billy and Julie run a letting agency in Hartlepool. Picture: Channel 4.
Billy and Julie run a letting agency in Hartlepool. Picture: Channel 4.

Television viewers turned to social media to react to the final episode of Channel 4's Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits.

Filmed in Hartlepool, the show, which was the last in the series on Wednesday focused on those in the town struggling to pay their rent.

It looked at the issue of tenants building up rent arrears as they spend their money instead of paying their landlord - resulting in a number of evictions in the town.

The documentary spoke to a number of landlords who are forced to deal with debts and repossession of their properties.

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Viewers shared their opinions of the show on Twitter.

Some people were less than complimentary of people who complained about having to wait a month for their money.

Rob Gilbert-Warsop @robpw2, said: "Long time to work a month to get your money... try getting a real job #freindswithoutbenefits #skintbritain."

He also added: "#friendswithoutbenefit I don’t know who I get more annoyed at in this program #thegovernment or the sense of entitlement #skintbritain."

Jason Hall @HallJason7hall, said: "Could always get a job and get paid weekly."

mellers1313 @Mel_Navan, said: "£211? surely you'd put it away for the other weeks?"

Hannah @Spampoodle, said: "Another fantastic example. Gets paid - goes and blows it on booze."

And, the Department of Work and Pensions also had something to say on social media.

DWP Press Office @dwppressoffice, said: "We weren’t involved in the filming of @Channel4's #SkintBritain series about #UniversalCredit. We are disappointed they’ve chosen not to represent the 1.6 million people who are receiving Universal Credit successfully."

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Carl Johnson @carljtweets, said: "Shame they are using the usual unwashed, lazy scroungers. And not the people working and still having to go to the food bank. Or at deaths door and being declared fit to work."

He added: "A lot of these people can't manage to brush their hair....of course they won't be able to manage a monthly budget."

While many people on Twitter made derogatory comments about those featured in the show, many others were upset by their plight.

Michelle (Mìchealag) @shellbellerina, said: "I could weep for these people, being treated like scum, and featured in poverty porn programs........I am thoroughly disgusted by this government and what they're doing to our country."

That one girl @Cathrinehopkins, said: "I love to see these people behind their keyboards mocking someone who is clearly lacking in English and maths skills. If you leave school and you are unable to read or write and can’t do basic numeracy then the state has failed you."

Sash @MrsParker_1, said: "Watching #skintbritain how the hell did they think universal credit was going to work? You give addicts their own rent money, there is zero chance that is ever going to the landlord they end up homeless and landlord ends up having to sell due to no money! #eveyonelosses."