Letter of the week: 'Hartlepool Borough Council has caused more devastation to town than world war bombs'

The cabins are the centre of our letter writer's sadness.
The cabins are the centre of our letter writer's sadness.

I saw the feature on Middleton Cabins (Mail, December 27).

It spoke about how cabin owners in Hartlepool face an uncertain future after Hartlepool Borough Council decided to terminate their current lease owing to budget pressures.

That area is where I grew up and visit every time I return to Hartlepool.

If you watch archaeology programmes on TV it’s well known that mud huts and cabins on beaches are one of the oldest ways of living.

I learned to fish off the Banjo pier and the old “Skelly” from friends from Middleton and Old Town.

Old Town has been destroyed completely.

It looks like Middleton is in the gun sights of Hartlepool Borough Council, which has caused more devastation than the bombs of two world wars.

Something must be done.

Michael Williams,

High Street,

Canvey Island.

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