Letter of the week: No need for cruelty to any animal

The dog at the centre of our RSPCA story, who is now named Magic.
The dog at the centre of our RSPCA story, who is now named Magic.

Once more a poor dog has been starved (Mail, April 24).

The picture in the paper was heart breaking.

There is no need for cruelty to any animal.

If one has a dog, cat, or an animal which is no longer wanted there are those who will help wherever possible.

Sadly, in the case of cats, it is their nature to breed prolifically so those who take on a cat would be well advised to have the animal neutered/spayed when it is a very young age.

There are thousands of cats all over the country, some of which are owned by irresponsible people who allow them to breed, and there are not the homes available.

Dogs come into season twice a year.

Some people let them breed without thought for homes for the puppies.

Some end up in rescue.

They are the lucky ones, others sadly are not as fortunate.

Those who are unable to care for their pet should contact the rescue services who will assist wherever possible.

There is no excuse for neglect or cruelty to any animal.

Kath Threlfall,

Local Animal Welfare (volunteer),


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