MPs call for change as Boris Johnson set to quit as Prime Minister following ministerial resignations

Tory and Labour MPs in the region have accepted the need for change as Boris Johnson prepares to leave Downing Street.

The decision is expected to be confirmed in a statement to the nation later today.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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In a statement published on her Facebook page last night (Wednesday, July 6), before this morning’s new of Johnson’s intention to step down, said she was “deeply saddened by what is happening in [the Conservative Party]”, but accepted the need for change.

She added: “In spite of his getting the big calls right over the past two years, I believe the Prime Minister is in an untenable position.

"I have been loyal throughout, but the most recent issues have brought me to the inevitable conclusion that we need a new Leader - most of all because we need to stop this situation and get our national focus back on to the issues that matter to people as we face the current difficult challenges.”

Boris Johnson with Hartlepool MP Jill Mortimer

Labour MP for Easington, Grahame Morris also called for change, but, after claiming Boris Johnson was now “squatting in Downing Street”, called for this to come through the ballot box.

He said: “Boris Johnson threatened the foundations of our democracy, tarnished our international reputation, and over the last week has held the country hostage to his ego and vanity.

"There is an overwhelming sense of relief he is leaving, and we need a new Prime Minister committed to the national interest.

"There are few Conservatives that acted with integrity and anyone who sustained Boris Johnson in Downing Street is not a fit and proper person to lead the country.

Easington MP Grahame Morris.

“Despite being unfit to be Prime Minister, Conservative MPs, including some in our region, kept Boris Johnson in the job, and even yesterday were refusing to resign and remove him.

"Boris Johnson is not the only person who should consider their position.

"After a new Prime Minister is in place, only the people through a General Election can restore credibility and safeguard democracy through issuing a new mandate.”