Letter of the week: Here's how to clean up Hartlepool's dog dirt problem

One of the new dog machines.
One of the new dog machines.

Referring to your article regarding free dog waste bags (Mail, March 24), though I don’t live in Hartlepool anymore, where I do live, it’s the same story.

I bet like Hartlepool it’s the same everywhere.

For the first two years of my action group, we had fouling outside a primary school.

The anti-social behaviour department at the local council kept saying “if you can record the number plates, we’ll act”.

We replied, dogs don’t have number plates.

Two years later, dog mess remained.

I got the environment officer and a load of other people, councillor, etc, on side.

We agreed to draw up a list of local dog owners by hand, so the council could then write to them.

For the next two years, the footpath has been clean.

Two months ago, I saw extensive fouling. I contacted the list of people, mentioned above, and offered to help the council draw up a modern list of owners.

It’s been clean ever since.

Patrick Mackeown,

Disraeli Neighbourhood Action, High Wycombe.

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