Hartlepool Foodbank needs donations and volunteers

First of all, a reminder about the Conference at 3pm on Sunday, September 22, at the Nasir Mosque.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 5:00 pm
Hartlepool Foodbank is looking for donations to meet local demands.
Hartlepool Foodbank is looking for donations to meet local demands.

This is about human rights and the points of view of the major religions. Please don’t forget you need to let them know you are going if you intend to be there.

I received, along with the churches in town, a newsletter from Abi Knowles of Hartlepool Foodbank. She intends to send one out each quarter up to date with both the service given and the needs of our local food bank. You should be able to read this in your church but here are the salient points in case you can’t get to one.

As this is harvest season- famed for being the best time, food-wise of the year, the volunteers at the Foodbank would be thrilled if you would consider giving a donation of food and/or toiletries to Hartlepool Foodbank. As they enter their busiest time of year (October to January) donations become even more important to allow them to provide food support to our town’s most vulnerable people.

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Over the last 12 months Hartlepool Foodbank has provided almost 5,000 people with emergency food, supporting them through crises including job loss, illness, family bereavement, and changes to the benefit system and this is some undertaking.

They would like donations, particularly of UHT milk, Long Life fruit juice/squash, soup (tinned or packet), pasta sauces, sponge puddings, tinned tomatoes, cereals, rice, pasta, tinned rice pudding, tinned custard, instant coffee, tea bags, instant mash, tinned potatoes, tinned meat, tinned fish, tinned fruit, tinned vegetables, jam/spreads, biscuits/snack bars, savoury snacks, store cupboard items and toiletries. They can’t use out of date stuff or fresh items.

They would also like more volunteers who could lend a hand on Tuesday or Friday lunch-time. They would also like people who could help by giving talks to groups. If you feel you could help, email Abi on [email protected] or call 01429 5948404 or pop in between 11.30am and 1.30pm Tuesday or Friday.

Thank you to all the people who do sterling work to help.

At the meeting on Climate Change, it was noted that the Drop the Debt Campaign and Make poverty History was such a success ( child world mortality dropped from over 12 million world-wide to four and a half million in less than 20 years) because the churches were so involved. So what’s different about Climate Change? It is the biggest problem the world faces, bringing drought starvation and poverty to millions. Why haven’t we caught the urgency? It is about God’s creation, so why are we not shouting from the pulpit?

Think about it, particularly in the season of thanking God for his bounty. Dare we risk squandering it?