Miles for Men picks up the fundraising yoke again as more than 700 take part in the event's first return since the Covid pandemic

A rainy start to the day didn’t dampen the mood as a big charity event returned to Hartlepool.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 12:02 pm

More than 700 people braved the weather on Sunday (July 31) to take part in Miles for Men’s first charity run since 2019.

Northern Strength Performance, who did a 5 km Miles for Men run with a 200 kg yoke.

Miles for Men founder Micky Day said the crowd “loved” the challenge and the atmosphere during the day was amazing.

“It was brilliant. The weather was a bit rough in the morning, but once it cleared we had a lot of people turn out,” said Micky.

"Just an amazing day. Hartlepool coming together again.”

He added: "For everybody to turn out and to be taking part once again means everything to the charity.”

Over 700 people took part in the 5K Miles for Men fun run.

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Keith Hutchinson was first to cross the finish line. Organisers have also praised Mel Thackeray, who walked the full 5 km, despite undergoing two cancer surgeries this year.

Speaking of Mel, Micky called him “inspirational”.

He added: “These people are the real heroes. People say Miles for Men are heroes. We’re just normal people trying to make a difference.”

Joanne Spence pulls the fire engine at the Miles for Men event.

Other attractions included ten of the town’s strongest people hauling the yoke – a piece of gym equipment – with 200 kg on it around the 5 km Miles for Men course.

Members of the Northern Strength and Performance gym also put on a five-event display after the run, which included log presses, dead lifts, and yoke training.

The Miles for Men story started 10 years ago, when Micky founded the charity run in memory of his father, Michael Day senior, who died aged 68 after a one-year battle with throat cancer.

The charity helps people fighting cancer, including children, as well as supporting those who are living with life-limiting disabilities.

Since starting, Miles for Men has donated more than £600,000 to worthy causes.

The amount raised from this year’s event will be known in several weeks’.